Wandelzoektocht - Schatten van Linkebeek

19 Oct tot 30 Nov
Take the opportunity, from 19 October to 30 November, to discover the scenic areas of Linkebeek on an interactive walking tour intended for young and old alike. Pull on your hiking boots and join us on the road!
19 Oct

Children's cultural summer tour - Schatten van Vlieg

01 Jul tot 31 Aug
Have you already met Vlieg (Fly)? Vlieg has hidden 3 treasure chests in Sint-Genesius-Rode, Linkebeek & Drogenbos! Do you also join the search?  Once you have completed the tasks along the way, you will be given a code to be used to open the treasure chest at the community centre.
01 Jul

Dutch language immersion Hotel Hallo - Children from 4 to 9 years

23 Aug tot 25 Aug
Hallo, is that the hotel reception desk? We have booked all the rooms. We are setting off on holiday with some young boys and girls. We can hardly wait. Our suitcases are ready. Only a few more days and we will be there. See you soon!
23 Aug