Kontrol (4+) - Compagnie Krak

Opgelet: deze voorstelling gaat enkel door in geval de coronamaatregelen het toelaten.

Raphaël has been on tour with his show 'Teatro Pantalones' for years. He wants things to be exactly as he wants them to be. Otherwise Raphaël will look for more subtle ways of gaining control of the world. But when he thinks everything is going his way again, something else is bound to crop up. This show full of clowning is ideal for children aged 4 to 10.

Tickets can only be reserved for your own family/cuddle contact. If your family consists of more than 4 people, order tickets via the reception desk: 02 380 77 51.

The ticket system guarantees sufficient space between the different bubbles.

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  • Stay 1.5 m away from others.

Some children and adults face a higher risk of coronavirus infection. You are not sure if you have an increased risk? Further details (children/adults).


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